Dear Assessor,

Below I have planned out instructions on how to access and navigate to different pages of my OCA Digital Photographic Practice Learning Log. I hope this finds you well, and you enjoy my work.

  • About

To read a little more about me and what my blog is about, simply go to the top of the page and click on the link entitled “About”.

  • Assignments

You will find links to Assignments 1-5 along the top of every page on my blog. Simply click on these links to find each assignment. At the bottom of each assignment page there is a gallery of images for easy viewing. Each assignment also contains a detailed review of the technical details, how I achieved each finished image and my personal review on my work.

  • Exercises, Inspirations, Tutor Feedback, Research and Final Thoughts

To access the categories entitled Exercises, Inspirations, Research, Tutor feedback or Final Thoughts, simply scroll to the bottom of any page on my blog and you will see a heading entitled “Categories”. Below this you will find each category (details of each category are listed below).

Assignments– Click on “Assignments” and you will find all five of my assignments are also listed here as well as on the top of each page.

Exercises- Click “Exercises” to see all of the exercises I completed for this course, along with images from each, and a detailed description of my learning process.

Inspirations- Click “Inspirations” and you will find all of the professional Photographer’s I researched in order to gain experience and further my knowledge in the theory and practice of Photography.

Research- Click “Research” to find all the research and planning I carried out in preparation for each assignment.

Tutor Feedback- Click “Tutor Feedback” to view my thoughts on my tutor’s feedback for each assignment, along with changes I made in accordance with his advice. Also you will find my tutor’s entire feedback at the bottom of each page for further reference.

Final Thoughts- Click “Final Thoughts” to view this navigation page again if you get lost! Also, it contains one other post of my thoughts on finishing this module, and how I felt it went.


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