Module Reflection and Evaluation

I have finally complete my second module- Digital Photographic Practice. I have learnt a huge deal from this module, and feel that it has taught me invaluable information for my potential photography career. Prior to this course, I had no idea about many of the techniques I have been taught thus far, as I am a beginner to photography and DSLR cameras. Therefore I have learnt everything from scratch since beginning my first year with the OCA. Every module is a huge learning curve and DPP was no different. However, this module I have learnt the following;

– How to structure, plan and carry out a workflow in order to successfully complete a photo shoot with minimum problems.

– How to use a camera’s histogram to determine whether a scene is under or overexposed; leaning to the right of the graph illustrates over exposure, and to the left of the graph illustrates under exposure. Also I have learnt to determine when a scene contains highlight clipping.

– How to measure a high dynamic range scene’s exposure using spot metering, by either measuring a mid tone in the scene, or measuring the darkest and lightest points in the scene and selecting an exposure in between the two. Both these methods will result in a very accurate exposure.

– The requirements a scene must have in order to successfully convert to black and white in editing; including texture, a strong shape, and a good tonal range and the importance of keeping these in mind whilst shooting  for black and white photos.

– The standard techniques of editing an image, such as; setting the black and white points, adding contrast through curves, removing colour cast, and removing flare.

– The importance of knowing my stance on photo manipulation, and deciding what I feel is an acceptable amount of editing for an image; I decided that I agreed with the process of enhancement in editing, but disagreed strongly with manipulation (unless used in clearly fictional situations i.e. book covers).

– How to plan, shoot and edit a portrait photo shoot successfully. This required bringing together all the techniques which I learnt thus far in this module.

– Lastly, I learnt a huge deal through my research into the following inspirational photographers and painters;

Elliott Erwitt

George Brassai

Annie Leibovitz

David LaChapelle

Ben Goosen

Marianne Taylor

Nick Knight

Helmut Newton

Sacha Goldberger

Paula O’Hara

Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

Max Wanger

Gustav Klimt

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Norman Rockwell

Ansel Adams

All of these amazing photographers and painters have given me vital compositional, lighting, editing, and style techniques which have been invaluable to improving my photography knowledge and skills .

Overall, this module has aided me in improving my camera and editing skills, as well as my overall theory in photography.

Final words:

I have grown to love photography so much- it is my passion! I can only hope that one day I will become half as good as the professional photographer’s I’ve been studying. This was my favourite module so far on this course- and a big shout out goes to my tutor for all his help and support. So glad to finally be finished, and moving on to my last module of first year!


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