Exercise- Alteration

The final exercise in this part of the course is deliberate out-and-out alteration of the content of the image, and requires Photoshop for its Clone Stamp tool and its cut and paste abilities. Take a photograph which contains one distinct subject occupying an area of between one-eight and one-sixth of the tonal image. The aim is to successfully remove this one element, replacing it with elements from the background or foreground. I chose to use the image below with the little girl and her Mum walking away from the camera.

IMG_8230 (2)

I decided to remove the mum from this photo. To do this I opened Photoshop, and enlarged the image. I then used the clone stamp tool to gradually remove the subject from the image. For trickier areas I reduced the brush size and further zoomed in on the image. I am happy with the finished result, and feel that a viewer coming fresh to the picture would not be able to tell that there had been any retouching. This is another technique that I do not generally agree with, as it is out and out manipulating of an image. In my opinion however, it does depends on the degree of the altering, as in this example the mother is a huge part of the image- therefore, removing her is removing a lot of the true fact of the photo. However, removing something small that is not significant to the true image, for example, removing a by-stander in the background is something I would be comfortable enough with.

IMG_8230 (3).jpg ALTERED


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