Exercise- Addition

For this exercise, you’ll add one element from a different image. This exercise will be in two stages. The aim is to take a conventional landscape view and render the sky so that it appears ideally exposed, with every detail of every cloud visible and textured. Make two different exposures; one exposure should be perfect for the landscape, the second exposure should be perfect for the sky. Process the two images normally. Below are my two images, I chose to capture a sea-side view with a clear horizon to make combining the two images easier.

Exposed for sky:

IMG_3995.jpg exposed for sky (2)

Exposed for land:

IMG_3996 exposed for land

The next step is to combine these two images. Copy the lighter image onto the darker image. Then, erase the over-exposed sky from the upper layer to reveal the darker sky beneath. Flatten the image and save as a copy. I followed all the steps provided, and carefully erased the over-exposed sky to reveal the evenly exposed sky beneath. I refined the edge to get as smooth a merge of the two layers as possible. There is still a slight line where the two images have been joined, however I feel that with practice I could rectify this. The finished image produces the best of both exposures; exposing evenly for both the land and the sky.


I feel that this is a good way to gain the correct exposure for both a bright sky and land, where the camera is unable to capture such a large dynamic range. Therefore I have no problems with this- as it is merely a method of getting the best possible exposure, by merging two exposures of the exact same image.

Take this same image, and choose a different sky from an existing photo. The aim is to create a realistic effect, as if the new sky could really have been a part of the original image. I chose to add in a sunset sky into this photo. To do this I opened up the sunset sky image and pasted in the original beach image above. I then erased the grey cloudy sky, and gave the image an orange filter in order to get the sand and sea in the foreground to match the sky. I personally do not agree with this editing. I feel that the facts of the image have been removed, and it is no longer a factual part of history. This image did not happen- and so therefore it is more like a painting than a photograph that portrays an event. I believe that manipulation like this is not acceptable. Enhancing images to improve the overall contrast, saturation and brightness is acceptable, however manipulating an image to create a different scene than what truly was is not right.

final (2)


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