Assignment Five: Final Planning and Workflow

Assignment Five is really starting to come together, and I am very excited about this photo shoot!

Pre-Shoot Planning;

I have definitely decided upon a couple’s photo shoot, with the central theme being LOVE. My aim is to capture the love between the couple, and I have been researching loads of different wedding photographers to gain experience in this. I also want to get many different poses of the couple; so prior to my assignment shoot I have researched composition ideas- including classical painting compositions and how modern photographers use these in their photography today. I have also printed off some famous photographer’s images that contain beautiful and contrasting composition ideas. I intend to take these with me to my photo shoot for reference, as this will help the couple to understand the poses that I’m describing to them- creating a clear visual instruction.

My photo shoot is THIS Saturday!! From Assignment One I discovered the benefits of having a planned workflow for a photo shoot. Therefore below you will find my pre-planned workflow.

Pre-Shoot Preparation;

– I am using my Canon 650d for this assignment. I will also use primarily my kit lens (18-55mm), along with my prime les (50mm f1.8) in order to gain soft images that focus on the subjects.

– I will charge three batteries prior to the shoot (just to be SUPER careful!!), and double check that these are all in working order prior to the shoot. I will pack these securely in my camera bag and double check that they are there prior to my shoot.

– I have purchased a new 16gb memory card in order to ensure that I have enough space to hold plenty of RAW files. I will pack both of my memory cards- ensuring that I have a spare one in case of technical difficulties.

– I have gathered a great deal of props for my vintage picnic scene, which I will pack in the car and check off my list prior to leaving.

– Before leaving the house on the morning of my shoot, I plan to choose my camera settings (which I predict to be; ISO 100, WB Daylight, and Spot Metering). I will decide upon shutter speed and aperture upon arrival on the shoot site.

The Photoshoot Plan;

– I intend to arrive at the scene half an hour before my subjects in order to set up my vintage picnic and capture a few images of the props. This will also give me a strong idea of my exposure settings for the shoot, and will enable me to iron out any problems before my subject’s arrive.

– Upon my model’s arrival, I need to have a chat with them to explain my vision for the shoot. I also plan to use a quick game to relax them at the beginning of the shoot (in the form of one subject telling the other subject a funny story with three objects that I give them; ie a pineapple, a pig and a picnic…!!)

I think this covers all my planning for this shoot. I will write up how my actual shoot went in my final assignment write-up!


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