Exercise- Colours into Tones 2

The aim in this exercise is to make practical use of channel adjustment to achieve a special effect. Choose a portrait in which you lighten the complexion without significantly altering the tones of the rest of the image.

I chose the following image of a little girl in a forest park. Below is the original image in colour.

IMG_7744 (2)

I unsaturated the image using the default black and white conversion in Photoshop. As you can see, the little girl’s face is a little too dark, and so needs a minor adjustment.

IMG_7744 (3).jpg BW

The orange leaves had given the little girl’s face a slight orange cast, therefore I decided the best slider to adjust was the red slider. I increased the red tones from 40 to 92, which lightened the child’s complexion greatly. The tones in the leaves were also lightened a little, but I felt that this improved the image further by adding texture to the background.

IMG_7744 (3).jpg RED SLIDER 40-92


This exercise just further showed the wide range of adjustments that can be made using the black and white RGB sliders. By lightening specific tones, details in an image can be restored.


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