Exercise- Colours into tones 1

Choose an image which contains at least two strong contrasting colours. Using the channel sliders available in your software, create two opposite versions of the image in black and white. In one, lighten the grayscale tone of one of the colours and darken the tone of the contrasting colour as much as possible. In the second version, perform the reverse.

Coloured Image- I wanted to show the coloured image in order to show the two contrasting colours that I intend to adjust; blue and green.

IMG_4674 (2)

Black and White image- For this image, I simply de-saturated the original photo in order to create a monochrome image.

original BW

Blue tones lightened, green tones darkened- I lightened the blue tones in the image dramatically, and darkened the green tones. The green slider didn’t seem to impact the image as much as I expected, so I tried adjusting the yellow slider which had a much more dramatic effect on the green grass. This surprised me greatly! I’m not too keen on the finished result of this image, as I feel that the texture of the sea has been lost, and the main focus of the image has become the grass- which doesn’t give a pleasing result.

Lighten blue, darken green

Green tones lightened, blue tones darkened- I lightened the green and yellow tones and darkened the blue tones. This resulted in a very dramatic image. I really liked this version; as the focus has returned to the main subject in the landscape- the sea. The texture of the waves seems to be emphasised through the darkened tones of the blue against the white tones of the foam. This revives the previously lost texture in the sea from the previous image.

Lighten green, darken blue

I was unaware of the great variety that the RGB sliders provided in editing black and white images. Adjusting these controls can dramatically change the mood or focus of an image; providing further creative control.


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