Exercise- Black and White

Choose a subject that you think may look better (to you) in black and white than in regular colour. Whilst shooting you should try to ignore the colour element. Compose and expose for the black and white version that you will later process.

Process the image for black and white, and write down the effect shooting in black and white had on your choices of subject, framing, details of composition and exposure.

From my research into black and white photography, I discovered that landscapes work well in monochrome. I also learnt that texture and tonal contrast are highly important. This was what lead me to capture a snowy landscape image for this exercise. The extreme white snow against the dark moody sky, and dark shapes of the forest and the gate makes for a strong tonal contrast. I accentuated this by adjusting the RGB sliders to darken the sky slightly. I was very happy with the finished result.

IMG_3991.jpg BW (2)


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