Exercise- Interpretative Processing

This exercise is about making interpretations for a creative purpose. Choose an image that you feel is open to different creative interpretations. Experiment with any combination of adjustments that will give interesting results. Make three different versions of the same image, together with a written explanation of what you were trying to achieve, and an assessment of how well you think you succeeded.

Below is my original version. The adjustments initially made to this are simply a rise in contrast, saturation and the setting of the black and white points.

IMG_4724 (3).jpg original

Sepia- I wanted this version to have a vintage effect, so I used the Photoshop filters, and simply selected sepia. I then placed this in 100% opacity for maximum effect. I am very happy with the outcome, and I think that it suits this image well. However, I don’t like how it leaves a few shades of green in the image, and feel that this weakens the version slightly.

IMG_4724 (2).jpg sephia

Black and White-  I used image>adjustments>black and white in order to edit this image into black and white. This is definitely my favourite version! I think that the black and white tones strip away any distractions, and allow the viewer to focus solely on the scene, and not be distracted by bright colours. The beautiful harbour scene is really emphasised through this unsaturated image.

IMG_4724 (2).jpg black and white

Dreamy effect. To create this dreamy-effect image, I used colour balance to increase the colour Cyan, whilst reducing the rest of the colours slightly. I then reduced the contrast dramatically, and increased the lightness of the image. I think this is an ‘ok’ version. The contrast is possibly reduced a little too much. However, I do feel that my aim to create a dreamy, whimsical effect worked quite well.

IMG_4724 (2). colour balance, low contrast, brightness, cyan


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