Marianne Taylor

For my fifth assignment I had in mind to do a couples shoot- with the theme being LOVE. My tutor suggested that I have a look at other wedding photographers and get some ideas from their work. The wedding photographer I came across is; Marianne Taylor. I love her work!! My love for all things vintage is definitely satisfied with this ladies photos! The beautiful props and settings she uses in her photography gave me heaps of inspiration for my potential couples photoshoot. The amount of cleverly chosen little extras in each photoshoot was astounding, and would have taken a lot of planning. Marianne captures the finer details at weddings beautifully shown in the images below;

She uses a wide open aperture in these specific shots to focus solely on the fine details, and blur the background.


She also shows the importance of props to create a special photoshoot for each individual couple. Marianne really goes overboard in each shoot, by having several different props and items which really set the entire set of images off. These little additions make the photoshoot much more diverse, and very artsy. This has shown me that you can never put too much effort into a photoshoot- and that having a lot of props at the ready is vital. I have shown some examples of the stylish touch she adds to her photography below;

marianne_taylor_creative_engagement_beloved_fine_art_photography_018 marianne_taylor_creative_engagement_beloved_fine_art_photography_019 marianne_taylor_creative_fine_art_engagement_beloved_photography_london_008 marianne_taylor_creative_fine_art_engagement_beloved_photography_london_009 marianne_taylor_creative_fine_art_engagement_beloved_photography_london_010 marianne_taylor_creative_fine_art_engagement_beloved_photography_london_011


So far, I have learnt that props are a great tool in any photoshoot, and they add diversity and originality to suit each clients tastes. I will definitely take this on board in my assignment, and hope to create beautiful little touches throughout my shoot. Below is just a few more of Marianne’s beautiful photos which I love! The vintage flare is just my style, and one day I want to do photography just like this! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Such inspiration!

marianne_taylor_photography marianne_taylor_creative_wedding_reportage_fine_art_photography_aynhoe_park_114 marianne_taylor_creative_barn_wedding_reportage_fine_art_photography_089 marianne_taylor_creative_barn_wedding_reportage_fine_art_photography_075 london_creative_fine_art_engagement_photography_destination_italy_florence_tuscany_018 marianne-taylor-london-creative-engagement-photography-belgravia-mayfair_001


All images: MARIANNE TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY (2013), London Wedding Photography, Available from:, [Accessed on: 11/02/13]




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