Assignment Five Thoughts

I’m very excited about assignment five as there appears to be a great deal of freedom in regards to the theme. This has resulted in this post of my many ideas for this assignment! We’re asked to produce a personal project of 10-12 images on a theme of our choice. It’s still early days in my planning for this assignment, but so far I have two main ideas;

1. A couples photo shoot- THEME; LOVE. I have never done a couples photo shoot, and would really love to do one for this assignment. The theme of LOVE can be captured in so many different ways, and I had thought of a vintage picnic, an intimate shoot on the beach, clifftop romantic shots, or a simple walk in the park. These are all options, and if possible I may incorporate a couple of these ideas into my assignment.

My real dilemma is finding a suitable couple for this assignment. I am attempting to acquire a couple at the minute- so their availability will be the deciding factor on this theme in my assignment. I would like a couple who are truly in love- and who will be at ease in front of a camera in order to show their love for one another accurately.

Another reason why I would like to do a couples photo shoot is simply for experience. I’m aspiring to be a wedding photographer- which would involve capturing many special moments between happy couples; therefore I’m dying for the chance to build up my experience in this area. I would hope to learn what poses work in capturing the connection between the couple, and what simply don’t. I would also hope to learn how to relax a couple and peel back their guard in order to truly see the love between them. Also- producing high quality and original images is a MUST!!

My tutor suggested looking up some other wedding photographers to gain further ideas and experience. He also suggested looking at some classical paintings for composition ideas and some contemporary photographers who in turn have taken influences from these kind of paintings. Therefore this is my next step once I decide if this is the theme I will choose!


2. A kids photo shoot- THEME; CHILDHOOD. I have shot several kids photo shoots, and am starting to build up my confidence in this area. Therefore I thought this may be a good idea for my assignment as it would show off the area of photography that I have practiced and am getting stronger in with each shoot. Therefore, this would be less of a risk than my couples photo shoot, as I already know how to work with kids, and what expressions, poses and environments work well in making the perfect shoot. My models for this would be my niece and nephew. Had I not known the children- I may have struggled with the initial hurdle of shyness and stiff poses- however by using my niece and nephew I have overcome this difficulty before beginning. This will enable me to capture more candid and relaxed photos, that are much more realistic and personal to me.

For locations for this shoot, I had thought of the family farm. This would enable me to capture a large variety of different shots on a relatively small location- the perfect shoot! I had also thought of bringing in a second location- for further variety. All these are just thoughts at this point- and I am constantly thinking and planning on ways to improve my ideas.


Which to choose?! Only time will tell!!


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