Nick Knight- Fashion Photographer

When I first came across Nick Knight’s work, my initial reaction was WOW!! His photography is fresh, exciting and completely unique! He is renowned for photographing celebrities, and is said to be “top of the celebrities’ photographer wishlist” (1). He’s definitely not afraid to be different and has worked on many controversial and sensative issues; from racism, disability, and obesity. “His reputation for pushing boundaries technically and creatively at every opportunity and being at the forefront of innovation is deeply attractive.” (2)

Being unique and having your own style is what really makes a photographer successful. This is what this talented guy has taught me- to produce something that no-one else out there has. To be unique, different, and unafraid to push the boundaries. His fantasy and almost magical images are clearly created through a lot of hard work and imagination- a must have in photography. To get into this overcrowded market today it is vital to be quirky and original in your style. This is something that I am still building and forming through my work. Below is some of Knight’s fantastic work;







I think from these pictures you can begin to see how unique this groundbreaking fashion photographer really was. The fantastically magical and slightly crazy feel of the images is completely enthralling to the viewer. All of this mixed with the technically perfect images and great lighting make for stunning photography. We see that in the final image, the lighting adds another dimension to the subject through beautiful side lighting, showing how the position of the model to the sun can transform an image and add variety and style. In stark comparison to this, image two is captured with even, diffused studio lighting, which creates a completely different image. The lighting creates a soft image, with minimum shadows to produce a delightful soft and beautiful photograph. This research is a good opening into part two of this course which deals with lighting, and how to capture harsh lighting and wide dynamic scenes.

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