Paula O’hara

I have written a lot of posts over the last few months on famous photographers and historical photographers, but here I am going to look at a photographer closer to home. Her name is Paula O’hara. She is a very talented wedding and portrait photographer and I love her work! I feel it is very important for me to talk about both famous and everyday local photographers. These are the people that inspire me! I find myself searching the internet for proffessional photographers in my area to compare their styles and work, and I have found this to be the best learning tool. I am truly excited to begin my journey as a photographer in due course!

As I’ve said, the photographer I’m going to talk about is the very talented Paula O’hara. Below I have shown a little of her work and my thoughts on each piece.

I’ve had a few baby photoshoots lately to build up my experience. The shoots have been in the baby’s own home, and I’ve been having the greatest difficulty in getting light into the picture. I used my 50mm lens at an aperture of f1.8 which worked fine, but had such a shallow depth of field that the baby’s eyes were in focus but the rest of the face wasn’t! As I have learnt in previous exercises- the highest ISO I can go to without noise is 1600, so I used this setting, which still didn’t bring in as much light as I would have liked! Paula doesn’t seem to have this problem! These are such beautiful and soft pictures of these babies. It’s all about capturing those little smiles and cute expressions- your finger has to be on the shutter constantly, ready to catch any little cute expression that may appear. I think Paula must have some portable photographic lighting which she takes with her- as she hasn’t used too wide an aperture in this photo. I would imagine that an f3.0 would let in a lot of light but still get the entire face in focus. It’s important if you don’t have any lighting to place the baby near a window- which I did in my last shoot. However I look forward to getting my own portable lighting to make photoshoots like this fool proof (or simply a better camera with larger ISO capabilities!). I feel that appropriately diffused lighting with reflectors would create beautifully soft lighting for a baby.



I’m a little bit in love with the lighting in this picture! It was taken at dawn which adorns this model with beautifully soft lighting. The commitment to get up at this time in the morning (in the winter!) to get the best light possible is a feat to be admired! But wow has it paid off! The whimsical and dreamy feel of this image is to die for! The relatively large aperture used (I would guess f5.6) has blurred the background, but got the whole model in focus. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


This stunning work really inspires me to keep learning as much as I can about photography. Research is the key!


All images: PAULA O’HARA (2008), Paula O’Hara Photographer Northern Ireland, Available from: [Accessed: 25/01/13]




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