Max Wanger- Wedding Photographer

When I graduate I hope to become a wedding photographer, so it seems only fitting that some of my research into photographers would be in professional wedding photography. Whilst researching, one of the photographers that stood out to me was Max Wanger; one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

He is based in Los Angeles and he has a completely different style that I have never seen before. His photos are so beautiful and yet so simple “reflecting his love for minimalism and negative space… As he puts it, “I wanted to photograph people who wanted something completely different, who wanted images that are treated more as art.” (1)

What fascinates me about Wanger’s photos are the uniqueness of one particular style of image that he regularly captures which show his love for negative space and simplicity. The huge expanse of open space against the tiny people in his photos make a contrast that is spectacular. I love the large washed out backgrounds which make his subjects look like tiny little toys! This arty style of wedding photography is exactly what I love. Photography is an art, and should be seen as more than just taking pictures of married couples smiling for the camera! There should be more ambition involved- it should be quirky, unique and amazing! THIS is what wedding photography should be like, and this is the kind of thing I would LOVE to do someday…! Here are a few of Wanger’s amazing shots which show his quirky perspective on photography;


Picture 3







Photographing against a bright sky background is very tricky. Getting the camera’s exposure to assess the whole image and not overexpose the subject is a real skill. This is something that I am going to go and work on after seeing this great style of photography.

When asked what advice he would give other photographers, he said this; “Love what you photograph. If you love what you shoot, it comes across in your images.”(6) I love photographing people- everyone is so different and unique, and there is nothing as rewarding as capturing a special moment between family, friends, or a couple on their wedding day. It is an amazing experience, and I hope to one day be doing it as a job.

To end this blog I ask myself- what makes Max Wanger such a successful photographer? And the answer is in a question he was asked in an interview; “Does being behind the lens ever stop you from fully embracing the moment?

“I don’t think so. If anything, I feel like I embrace it more behind the lens. When I’m behind the camera, I feel like I’m seeing a world no one else sees. I think that every photographer needs to feel that way, otherwise what’s the point? Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment that I have to be careful—I’ve almost fallen off of a cliff and a roof, and I’ve actually fallen into a pool. Not my finest moment.” (7)

Photography should be a love and a passion- every photographer should be so caught in the moment that nothing else around them matters…the day I fall into a pool is the day I know that I’ve made it!

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